The 1st Clan Match Season with a new league system is now available!

What will change?
Along with the 1st season, we will transition all clans to the new league setup based on accumulated prestige points.

The 1st Clan Match Season will last seven days. During that time, each Clan will play seven Clan Matches, each lasting one day and held on a clan-vs-clan basis.

You’ll get League Points as a reward for each won Clan Match. The sum of points collected by a Clan during the season will determine the Clan’s place in the league table. Prestige Points will no longer determine the Clan’s league.

At the end of the Clan Match Season, we’ll reward all players from the best clans in the league (higher league = better rewards).

We’ll promote the best clans in each league to a higher league.
We’ll move the clans that took the last place/places to the lower league for the next season.

May your Clan compete fiercely to climb the league ladder!