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Arriving at Toledo Bend with Major League Fishing!

Published: 1/30/2024 7:51:45 PM

There’s much to be gained when two fishing worlds collide, especially for their communities. With the arrival of the Toledo Bend fishery in our game, we’re excited to announce that our partnership with Major League Fishing is entering the next level!

Some anglers may remember last year’s collaboration with Major League Fishing (MLF), where we clashed in a series of Events, concluding with a final at our digital fishery, Saginaw Bay. At the very same time, Pro Anglers were giving it their best at the MLF 2023 Bass Pro Tour finale in Bay City, Michigan. This partnership was very well received by anglers from both the outdoor and digital worlds, adding a nice sporting feel to Fishing Clash. Some of our anglers weren’t with us at the time, so if anyone’s not familiar with MLF’s work, we need to change that immediately!

Major League Fishing is a renowned professional Bass fishing league operating worldwide that has introduced a new approach to tournament fishing. During MLF tournaments, every boat has its own referee in order to weigh the catch, and release it instantly. Anglers have no prior knowledge of the fishing spots they compete at, which serves as an additional measure toward natural conservation and ecology within the sport itself. Their television and online broadcasts are more than just entertaining, as they focus on the personalities of the anglers and the adversities they face, instead of just the competition’s results. What’s more, MLF offers additional value in its focus on education, animal care, and research, as well as the general wellbeing of fish in their natural habitats.

The aim of the partnership between Fishing Clash and Major League Fishing is to build a bridge between virtual and outdoor fishing enthusiasts. Some consider fishing merely a hobby, while to others, it’s a way of life: a means of connecting with nature. We hope that everyone will be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest through the inherent beauty of the sport, regardless of whether it’s experienced outdoors, or from the comfort of one’s home! So, while on the topic of bridges and beauty, we wish to invite you to a very special location in our game…

Welcome to Toledo Bend!

The real-life Toledo Bend Reservoir is a man-made lake, located on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana, in the United States of America. Outside of serving various practical purposes for the areas surrounding it, the lake allows for numerous outdoor activities, such as fishing, boating, swimming, camping, sightseeing, and even hunting (shout-out to our friends from Hunting Clash)! It’s an excellent place for vacations and recreation with friends and families. The lake is definitely worth visiting and exploring, to build memories of times well spent!

It’s also not a coincidence that Toledo Bend is making its appearance in Fishing Clash near the end of January! The Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour 2024 is to be held there from January 30 to February 4, so we hope our anglers will reach out to us if they’re in the area, and let us know how well our recreation of this beautiful lake reflects reality!

If you’re hooked on MLF’s collaboration with Fishing Clash so far, you can read more about it here. Just remember that it’s only the beginning of our work together this year, so there are more exciting things to come!

On a final note, we wish the best of luck to everyone taking part in the upcoming outdoor and virtual events at Toledo Bend! Hopefully, the fish will bite as quickly as our in-game ones during the MLF Bass Pro Tour! We also hope that our digital anglers will feel the lake’s ambiance while playing – and winning – in Fishing Clash! Best of luck to you all, and as we like to say… tight lines!


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