Fishing Clash – an action-packed simulator designed for those who are crazy about fishing! Yes Sir! We strive to deliver the most incredible fishing memories to fishing enthusiasts all around the world. We love it as much as you love playing the fish of your life!

Full Green Jacket

Help the Leprechaun return to Ireland and collect GOLD POTS. Find them in various places in the game. Keep your eyes peeled, as new challenges

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Fishing Test

Get ready to put your guessing skills to the test. Your task is to use your intuition and powers of deduction to guess which fish

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Mysterious Fish Uncover the mystery and obtain rewards when catching the Mysterious Fish in Fishing Clash! What is a Mysterious Fish? The Mysterious Fish can be

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Okey-dokey! Time for the most thrilling fishing adventure ever! Time to see if your line is tough enough to catch a proper chunk! Join the fishing elite and hook a real monster!

Sneak a peek at some of the most spectacular fishing catches. Grab some great tips and stay tuned for more!